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It all starts with the bat.

Lucy Williams is struggling to survive the end of her third year of college at the University of Oklahoma. When a bat strays into her boyfriend’s apartment and meets an untimely demise, her journey into the world of the vampire begins.

She enrolls in an intersession course covering vampire folklore and literature. But she gets more than she bargained for when a handsome stranger begins to charm her.

Will it be too late before Lucy realizes just how dangerous this charming man really is?

Peppered with real bits of heartland history, JAWS is a story for anyone that wishes Oklahoma had more than just coffee shops beneath the capital city.

Reviews:Patricia Eroh on Amazon wrote:

I love when a short story is done well! This one is. A wonderful story that keeps you guessing and then surprised me at the end! Loved it even though vampires are not my favorite. This one is fabulous.

Fraeyalise on Amazon wrote:

Jaws is a really wonderful, bite-sized (ha) vampire story that isn't bogged down with tons of unnecessary details. The pacing was just right, and I didn't find myself dragging or my attention waning at any part. The characters were realistic, and one of the best features of this story is the way the author writes the main character, Lucy, when she's under the influence of the Big Bad. It's really subtle and I love it; the character does what she does and fully believes her reasons why, and on the surface it makes sense. However, you can definitely tell something is... Off. I'll definitely keep it in my library to read again.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Jaws to anyone who likes horror, vampire stories, short reads, and southern gothic!

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